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Year 1 Curriculum – Autumn Term 2


In Literacy we are looking at winter stories with repeating patterns from a range of cultures and experimenting with rhyme and alliteration.   We will also find out about non-fiction texts and learn how to write instructions.  Children will engage in role play based on winter stories and write their own stories and acrostic poems.

Parents and carers can support their child by completing weekly homework activities and setting time aside each day to share a reading book. Children will also bring home a Caper book for you to read together.


In Maths we are learning to count, read and write numbers from 1-20 and to count in steps of 2 and 5.  We are continuing to explore partitioning and recording related addition and subtraction facts within 10; extending to 20.  Through a multisensory approach children will name and describe the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and begin to use vocabulary associated with position, direction and movement.


Our science focus this half term is Seasonal Changes.  Building on previous topic work, children will develop their ability to work scientifically by observing weather and changing seasons, gathering and recording data.  We will investigate how shadows are created and the relationship of the sun to the earth.

Design and Technology

In Design Technology we are learning about different joining techniques.  We design, make and evaluate a mitten.


In ICT we are learning how to use a range of software and to explore a variety of ICT tools such as a laptops, i-pads and Bee-bots. Our focus this half term will be on coding with espresso and writing simple programs.


In History we are finding out about the Gunpowder Plot and how past events influence present day customs.


In Music we are learning to use our voices expressively by singing songs, chanting and reciting rhymes and will take part in a Christmas production during the last week of term.

Physical Education

In PE we are exploring basic skills and actions and developing increasing control and coordination when using equipment through working individually and in teams.



Curriculum Newsletter – September 2017

Welcome to Year 1

We start year 1 with the topic: My Family and My Home, Now and in the Past and will find out about family structures and compare how people lived in the past to how we live today.  As the half term progresses we will explore the changing seasons and record our observations about the weather.

In numeracy, the focus is to secure our ability to count accurately and represent values using counters, fingers and Numicon imagery. We will cover areas such as estimating, comparing and reasoning about numbers as well as well as developing our use of mathematical language and ability to solve problems.

In literacy lessons, we will read and analyse familiar stories and write lists, labels and captions based on the texts we are reading. Children are encouraged to take part in drama activities to develop their confidence and understanding of story book characters and motives.

All children take part in Phonics lessons and Guided Reading sessions where they learn the important skills needed to understand and enjoy a range of texts.

Reading books will be changed once a week and book bags need to be in school every day.  This is important because children use their reading books for a range of activities. Children need to read for at least 10 minutes each day at home with an adult.

ICT lessons will introduce children to laptops and a range of programs used in KS1.

PE will take place on Tuesday morning. Please remember to bring a PE kit to school with all items clearly labelled.  It is fine for girls to wear leggings under their shorts.

Once we have settled into our new class, homework and spellings will be given out each week.

If you have any questions or need more information, please speak to a member of staff.

Thank you, from the Year 1 Team.

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