Ms Fielden and Ms Morgan

Spring Term 1


Our theme this half term is China and the Natural World.   We will use information books and the internet to find out about China and research different climates.   Our writing will focus on responding to stories from other cultures and writing non-chronological reports.  Year 1 children have a personal target to improve their handwriting and letter formation.  We have lots of exciting activities to help children with this target and appreciate the help parents give in completing homework activities.


In Numeracy we are learning to represent two-digit numbers in terms of 10s and ones up to 100.  We are developing our ability to recall number facts and aim to know all addition and subtraction facts to 10 and beyond.  We will solve word problems using pictorial representations and record addition and subtraction number sentences.  A focus this half term is to be able to read the time to the hour and half past and to use vocabulary related to chronology.  Children will also learn about measuring length and height.


In Science we will investigate a variety of everyday materials, including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock to find out about physical properties. Through first-hand experiences we will learn how to distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made and compare and group objects based on physical properties.


In PSHE children will consider what their strengths are and know when and how they learn best.  They will reflect on their personal goals and share their experiences with others.


Our focus this half term is writing algorithms and developing our use of positional language and sequenced instructions.


In Geography we will learn about and use geographical vocabulary through comparing the UK with China.  We will focus on the physical and human features of a rural village in China and compare it to the city of Shanghai .

Design Technology

In DT children will design, make and evaluate a healthy fruit salad.  They will learn to use sensory vocabulary to describe the taste, texture and look of different fruit and learn techniques to stay safe when using equipment to prepare food.


In Music we are learning to use our voices expressively by singing a variety of songs, chanting and reciting rhymes and using a variety of instruments to create effect.

Physical Education

In PE we are learning how to plan, perform and evaluate actions through using gym equipment and taking part in competitive and challenging activities.




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