The World’s Biggest Assembly

Today, we are taking part in the World’s Biggest Assembly. Children from all around the world will be thinking about what matters to them. Their ideas will be recorded on the website (see link below)

Here are some of the children’s ideas.

In 3S we are most grateful for the fact that we can come to school everyday and we have been thinking about children in other countries who are not as lucky as us.

In Class 4T what matters is positivity.  Positivity means being brave, calm and happy and it makes our classroom a safe and comfortable place to be.

In 2HS they care about people not getting hurt and getting along together.

In Class 6C, friends and family are important. They care about the future; having good jobs, being safe and living in peace.

In 5M they believe that everyone shows equality and supports each other to make a safer community.

In Class 2A they believe that young children must be looked after properly. They also believe that resources such as water, food and electricity should not be wasted.

School is important to 5S because it allows them to make good friends that help us to learn better.

What matters most to the children in Year 1 is family and friends.

In Class 6H family is most important.They recognise that our families do so much for us and they feel they have a responsibility to be good people for them, to pay back their love. They also think education matters and moving on to high school. This sometimes worries them.

Please leave your ideas about what matters to you.


11 Responses to “The World’s Biggest Assembly”

  1. the thing that matters to me is that we need more sports equipment and a new running track and ashstro turf on the football pitch so if we fall over we won’t hurt are selves.


  2. Abdullah bilal May 8, 2012 at 10:04 am

    My family is important to me is because if i didn’t have a mum or a dad i wouldn’t now how to behave in school or at home.

    That what matters to me.


  3. What matters to me is to have a nice and safe enviroment to live in.


  4. I think that the posts that all the classes did were great!!!


  5. What matters to me is the friends that i have beacause than i can learn better.

    What also matters to me is the safty in this school.


  6. Here at Blacklow Brow Year 5 have been discussing how important our education is. We are very proud that our education is free for all and includes every one regardless of their abilities.


  7. What matters to me that we all care about our friends and family


  8. my frend is so importent to me bacase if I dont have a frend I will never have elye body to beey there for me


  9. what matters to me is all the animals living in this world because poachers catch the animals and kill them for no reason.


  10. what matters to me is my friends and family.


  11. hello my name is raj is there anyone from India in your school.!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


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