Welcome to Class 6H


Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Welcome back to a new school year at Plymouth Grove. It’s going to be a busy year with lots of learning.



Year 6 will continue to use Accelerate Reader. All year 6 children should be reading for 60 minutes each day. Once children have read a book they can take a quiz about it in school. As well as Accelerated reader, reading will also be taught in class through a range of books and texts.


At the beginning of the year, year 6 will be creating and writing about their own flanimals. They will be encouraged to use a variety of sentence types, different punctuation and exciting vocabulary.


During the first half term, the children will be revising the arithmetic they learnt in year 5 and extending this knowledge to the year 6 curriculum. As well as this, children will study fractions and will keep their own maths journals so that they can practice their problem solving skills.


Learning about the classification of animals and the human body is an important part of year 6 science. We will begin the year by studying these topics including the human circulatory system and different groups of animals.


This year P.E. will take place on a Monday and a Wednesday. Children must bring their PE kit on these days. If they do not have it they will not be allowed to take part in the lesson. If children are in a booster group during this time they must still bring their PE kit.


In Humanities, the children will begin with learning about geography during the first half term. In the second half term year 6 will learn about the interesting and sometimes unusual ways of the Aztecs!


Year 6 will be thinking about their rights and how they can make sure they can be met at school. They will be making their own class charter and thinking about how our country is run.


Spanish lessons will be held each week. The children will practice their basic phrases and will begin to write about themselves and other people.



Each term there is a different theme for RE. Through this theme lots of religions will be looked at. This half term the children in year 6 are studying about different places of worship.


Homework will be given out every Thursday and must be returned the following Tuesday. Children will be expected to do the following homework each week:

  • Maths
  • Writing
  • SPAG
  • Spelling
  • Reading


We are looking forward to an exciting and successful year. Keep working hard year 6.

Mr Stringer and Miss Holt



Welcome to year 6. It’s been a great first two weeks. 6H have been working really hard and have quickly shown that they are ready to tackle the challenges of year 6.

I’m really proud of you all. Keep up the good work.

What are you looking forward to learning in year 6?

Miss Holt

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